Amego Electric Vehicles

Marketing Strategy

Offline to Online Integration


Most businesses think of their Online and Offline environments as two separate identities, where a successful online presence actually comes from the unification of both Online and Offline.


Finding a spot in the customers purchase journey where they are the most susceptible into a transition from offline to online, without fully altering their original path.


I had to take a look at the life of a typical e-bike consumer, from their initial interaction with the brand to their final purchase, to find a spot where we could convert the consumer from offline to online. There ended up being one crucial part of the consumers journey that was capable of converting, the test ride. At that point Amego was filling in their test rides with paper and pen. I turned this process into a digital one, where the consumer would sign up in-store on an iPad or computer. From there the consumer would be automatically put into an email marketing list and followed up with a thank you email highlighting the bike they took out and answers to common e-bike questions. This data was also utilized for social media campaigns later on.

"Cody goes above and beyond in organizing and implementing social media content and events. He is very independent, creative, and becomes a part of your team."

Virginia Block

President at Amego Electric Vehicles

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