Athlete Activation System

Campaign Execution

Lowering Acquisition Cost


Lowering the acquisition cost of a campaign that targets a niche market can be challenging because your limited to such a small audience pool. There are ways to make your advertising budget work harder for you.


Athlete Activation System is a performance driven, strength training certification. Which also reflects how their advertising dollars need to be spent. With such a niche market, Strength Trainers who are interested in training athletes, converting users is a challenge because of the small audience pool and limited advertising budget.


Reducing the acquisition cost for new customers all boiled down to education. I developed a funnel that was primarily driven by Facebook campaigns that took in new consumers and guided them down an online journey that involved several touch points that educated the consumers on the Training Program. At the end of the funnel was a campaign that focused on converting only the users that made it through each touch point. The funnel helped drop the cost per acquisition by more than 60%, with the same advertising budget as before.

"Cody is not your average social media person. He takes initiatives and pro-actively suggests new ways to attract and build a better brand socially. On top of that, Cody continues to optimize his performance week after week and we're very happy to have him on board."

Jeremy Choi

CEO of Athlete Activation System

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