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Consolidating Multiple Data Sources


Implementation of a new system that would allow accurate tracking across multiple platforms was needed to free up enough time to allow for any innovative thinking to take place.


When you are managing multiple clients, running dozens of campaigns a week on multiple platforms, it becomes challenging to be able to track both results and spending in an efficient manner. You need to log in multiple platforms, look under multiple accounts, to be able to find what you are looking for. This process ate up too much time for the Campaign Managers, which would end up hindering any real innovative thinking.


Seeing that campaign data was coming from multiple sources and multiple accounts, be it Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, there was no way there would ever be a first party solution. Luckily I was able to find a Third Party application that consolidated the data from each of these platforms in one view. The best part was that all of the data collection was automated, sorted, and implemented in a Google Sheet by the time you logged into your computer in the morning.

"Unlike many, Cody enjoys challenges and takes them on with an open and positive mind. I strongly believe, no matter what the task is, Cody will always find a way to resolve it in the most efficient and positive manner."

Olesya Zinovieva

Director of Social Media at Society INC

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